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Athletes & Entertainers

PIN was designed to meet the objectives of athletes, entertainers or performing artists looking to parlay their successes into savvy business investments or to own businesses.

For this coveted group, there comes a time when earning large sums of money solely from their talent slows or comes to an end. With PIN, athletes and entertainers gain the contacts, information, training and business development prowess to compete in the marketplace and win, as well as sustain, even build upon, the wealth and lifestyle they cultivated in their careers.

PIN also serves as a hub for athletes and entertainers who are interested in participating in a business mentorship program.

A New Approach to Obtaining Growth

Register through the PIN Online Portal and unlock the world of strategic growth opportunities available to all suppliers. Once registered, you’ll be assigned a relationship manager. This person will help you navigate the portal and will conduct an evaluation of your business to assess its financial viability.

Chance to participate in unlimited online financial/investment seminars and PIN live tours

Get advice from former athletes and entertainers turned successful entrepreneurs via the PIN Message Board

Opportunities to engage with minority and majority business leaders learn about trade shows and ask questions about business operations via the PIN Message Board.

Live training and online resources for owning and operating a for-profit business or a successful non-profit or foundation

Opportunities to tour successful businesses, trade shows and business expos, and interact with business leaders and CEOs

Opportunity to invest in successful minority-, women-, LGBTQ and veteran-owned businesses and majority businesses

Opportunity to participate in “Video on Demand” segments

PIN Ancillary Services

PIN has created alliances with companies that serve as subject matter experts and provide additional services to our members. PIN affiliates can also assist suppliers in obtaining MBE/WBE certification. All fees associated with these additional services are performed at a reduced rate. To learn more about the ancillary services we provide, contact your relationship manager.

Athletes and Entertainers Influence on Brands Investments and Businesses

PIN Global News' host Rodney Woods was joined by former NFL player Damian Williams, former NBA player Antonio Davis, and 3x Olympian Darvis "Doc" Patton. The guys discussed "Athletes and Entertainers Influence on Brands, Investments, and Businesses". The episode was aired on 07-20-2017.

The Athlete's Transition from Limelight to Business - Part 1

There comes a time when professional athletes must face the reality that retirement or an exit from their sport is inevitable. The fear of not knowing what to do next can be overwhelming. But there is good news? Having a well thought-out plan in advance can help to secure new business opportunities and career ventures.

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LeBron James has transcended NBA professional to global powerhouse.

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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Shaquille O'Neal has become one of the most financially successful post-NBA players, making more money off the court now than when he was playing. Bloomberg spent a day with Shaq during the NBA All-Star Weekend as he launched some new Shaq-approved brands. During the ride-along he gave us his insights into what makes him so successful... we call it: Shaqonomics.

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All his life, former NBA player and business owner, Walter Bonds 65 stature and charismatic presence made people take notice. Now, as a professional speaker, he inspires audiences to take action in order to achieve greatness in their lives. Through pursuing his dream to play in the NBA, Walter turned every obstacle he faced into a learning opportunity. He applies these personal experiences to his audiences lives—all delivered with a high-energy and humorous approach—to help anyone who is ready to help themselves.