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Annual Rainbow Push Wall Street Project Economic Summit

Annual Rainbow Push Wall Street Project Economic Summit


Many professional athletes experience economic challenges after their days of competition on the field have ended. These individuals are often unprepared for their financial futures and are not always provided with appropriate guidance regarding investments, planning and financial security. Yet there are various ways for these high profile individuals to maximize their brand, exposure and platform, and turn them into significant and meaningful ventures that can serve them well in the post-career pursuits. This forum will engage athletes, agents and executives in a conversation on economic opportunities both within the multi-billion dollar sports industry as well as within the business world around the country and abroad. We will discuss the paths of sports figures as businessmen, executives, philanthropists, community leaders and entrepreneurs, and have meaningful dialogue on how critical it is for athletes to develop a game plan for success After the Cheering Stops.


Chris Bryant, executive consultant for seven NBA teams and eight NFL teams (Develops procurement and partnership engagement through customer service and stadium services); Matt Gutierrez, Retired NFL Quarterback (2012). Returning to college to pursue business degree; Now working with entrepreneurs, start up companies and VC’s on business projects and exposure; Dr. David E. Martin, Founder and Chairman, M-CAM; Tracy McGrady, Retired NBA player; Deon Strother, Former NFL player (2003). Returned to USC and finished business degree. Has started several companies; now an executive in international network marketing; Troy Vincent, NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Former president of the NFL Players Assoc., retired NFL; LaMarr Woodley, current NFL Player, Oakland Raiders. Has created multiple community-based youth/education/sports programs around the country; Rodney Woods, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, of Diversity in Promotions, Inc. (DIP); and Managing Partner/Owner, Playbook Investors Network (PIN)