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New Partnership with No Silos Communications LLC to Offer Business Coaching to its Portfolio of Clients

New Partnership with No Silos Communications LLC to Offer Business Coaching to its Portfolio of Clients

DALLAS, Texas, November 11, 2019 – Playbook Investors Network (PIN) announced a new strategic partnership with No Silos Communications, LLC, the parent company of NSC Executive & Business Coaching and lead coach L. Michelle Smith. This strategic alliance will enable PIN to offer professional business coaching services to its portfolio of clients. The coaching will offer goal setting, clarity, speed and accountability for businesses seeking to scale, operationalize, brand, market and even boost employees’ leadership capabilities, preparing them to work better with potential Fortune 500 companies seeking suppliers.

“We are elated with this new partnership because we believe this connection will help our clients select the very best business, program and portfolio strategies possible,” said CEO, Founder, and Managing Partner, Rodney Woods. “What I am most pleased about is knowing just how committed Ms. Smith is to help our clients truly understand what they may or may not already know.”

"By teaming strategically with Ms. Smith, we anticipate greater opportunities for some of our clients who may need the motivation, direction, and accountability in order to get to the next level,” said Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Tracy McGrady.

“Leaders who make the investment in business coaching are taking the first step in reaching their goals,” Smith said. “Most times these businesses know what they want to do, but they aren’t clear on the path forward. My team of coaches can support them through this process to help them meet and exceed those goals.”

In business, Smith has lived it. She is the CEO/founder of no silos communications llc, the parent company for six media, content, talent development and strategic communications consulting brands, all fueled by tech. She has more than 25 years of experience as an elite, award-winning communicator and integrated marketer at global agencies, her own boutique agencies and a Fortune 10 technology, telecom and media company.

A serial entrepreneur, she has built award-winning businesses inside of large corporations and outside of them and has held officer-level positions for about half her career.

Today, she has added professional executive and business coaching to her portfolio of services as principal of NSC Executive & Business Coaching, a professional private practice. She received her credentials from the CaPP Institute and has served as an official business coach for Black Enterprise FWD.

About no silos communications llc.

no silos communications LLC develops rock star leaders and brands that thrive at the intersection of tech, business and culture. It specializes in talent, leadership and business development as well as strategic marketing communications and is the parent company of six media, content, coaching and consulting brands, fueled by tech. Brands include NSC Executive and Business Coaching, NSC Strategic Consulting, The Culture Soup Podcast®, The 30 Minute Mentor™, no silos communications group and L. Michelle Smith, pro speaker, author and executive and business coach. The company serves individual and corporate clients.