Influencer Statements

Influencer Statements

We're happy to be a part of PIN to influence businesses to get educated on gaining access to capital.

“Being a part of Playbook Investors Network (PIN) will, (1) expose pro athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs to stable, qualified minority-owned enterprises looking for investors to help them grow, (2) provide a place where MBEs can meet eligible investors efficiently and confidentially, and (3) help major corporations tell their stories and promote their affixation with minority enterprises and diversity programs to key prospects.” (In Memoriam)

Thomas "Tommy" Ford

Former Actor, Comedian & PIN Brand Ambassador
“More often than not, entertainers are asked to invest money into various businesses, foundations, etc. with very little knowledge about what they are investing in. Playbook Investors Network (PIN) educates entertainers about owning and operating for-profit businesses. They will have unlimited access to financial seminars, subject matter experts, and the PIN portal to ultimately invest in successful minority businesses."

Laron Tate

Actor, Producer, PIN Brand Ambassador
“I’ve known Rodney Woods for close to 25 years, and he has been an advocate for setting the table for success, as you transition from one career to the next. When far too many professional athletes or entertainers find themselves at a loss…as to how to navigate their lives and career opportunities when their ‘playing days’ are over, Rodney and PIN continue to create pathways for financial and entrepreneurial stability. PIN’s demand for excellence in its business practices, knowledgeable staff and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking make partnering with them a ‘win – win’ scenario for all involved. I’m proud to call Rodney Woods & PIN my Friend and now Partners.”

Dawnn Lewis

Actress, Composer, Singer, Producer, Entrepreneur & PIN Brand Ambassador
“During my years in the NBA, I witnessed the spending habits of many of my teammates and other players around the league. I have also witnessed the fallout from reckless spending, unstable investments, poor money management, dishonest business partners and agents, and theft by those you were supposed to be able to trust and guide you. With PIN, athletes will learn so much about owning and operating for-profit businesses. Having this type of access can be a critical step during their transition away from the NBA or when they face other crossroads in life.”

Antonio Davis

Retired NBA Player, Former Sports Analyst, NBA Players Association ProgramDirector, PIN Managing Venture Partner & Brand Ambassador
“Playbook Investor Network has created a unique platform that serves a marketplace that has to date been largely disenfranchised. I am impressed with the comprehensive approach of bringing this lucrative eco system together, for economic growth, education, and social impact. PIN is a rare opportunity in the newly emerging investment category of ‘social impact ventures’. As an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, I had the benefit of working with Springboard Enterprises, a female CEO focused investment platform providing similar services as PIN. Through my participation in Springboard, I had the opportunity to gain access to an audience of investors that would have not been possible if not for the reach and power of their platform and programs. This opportunity allowed me to pitch to over 400 investors, and close $30M in financing for my wireless start-up. Additionally I was exposed to world-class advisors, mentors, and resources that exponentially accelerated my chances for success. PIN is the next generation of platforms that unifies an underserved market place of key players that combined can change the dynamics of a trillion dollar industry, by being at the center of transactions fueled by their network. I am excited to be working with PIN as it brings together all aspects of my career and allows me to give back to other minority led businesses."

Karen B. Wilson

Tech Entrepreneur, PIN Venture Partner

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