Rodney Woods

Rodney Woods

Founder, CEO & Board Chairman

Over the years, I’ve come to understand how important it is to solve problems and how valuable solutions can be, especially in business. If you can anticipate a need and provide a service or a product to fulfill that need, I would consider that success. Well, we've come up with great solutions for established business owners who truly want to grow and scale their business but may not have access to capital, the education or the technology needed to get to the next level. This is why joining PIN is so important. We have the necessary tools needed to help executives, small and medium-size business leaders, etc. understand what it will take to get what they need. We’re excited about the opportunity to educate and expose many to something that could potentially change generations.

Investment Strategies with PIN

Playbook Investors Network (PIN) provides a platform for business evaluation, education and access to capital. It was created to foster the engagement of minority-, women- and veteran-owned enterprises, government businesses and the LGBTQ community with institutional and private investors. Among those investors are sports figures and entertainers who are committed to getting educated on how to invest in business as well as own and operate them.

We have developed an ecosystem whereby investors and institutions can identify and engage potential customers and suppliers, and certified diverse-owned businesses can access traditional and non-traditional capital to build capacity, wealth and sustainability.

We are committed to promoting the responsible growth of businesses representing a cross-section of industries and the communities they support.

Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady

Managing Partner

Where else can you seek capital, get educated on how to run your business more efficiently, gain access to multiple services and the latest technology… all in one place?

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