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Minority, Women & Small Business Enterprises

There are more opportunities than ever for emerging businesses including minority-, women-owned, and small business enterprises to do business with a range of corporations, from the Fortune 500 to smaller organizations and other diverse suppliers looking to broaden their reach. Serious investors want to see a history of the firm’s performance before they invest.

This includes a track record that demonstrates innovation, financial soundness, marketing prowess and dedication to superior customer service. Through PIN’s partnership with PIN Community suppliers receive educational resources, participate in webinars and network with subject matter experts, investors, corporations and other like-minded suppliers on various topics such as finance, supplier diversity programs, government contracting, certification, etc.

PIN Process Flow

Process Flow To Success

Supplier registers in PIN. Supplier obtains access to the portal and completes the initial assessment.
RM Assigned
Relationship Manager is assigned and conducts due diligence. They assist supplier in determining additional business needs (i.e., business plans, audited financials, etc.)
Supplier can begin reviewing educational videos from subject matter experts in the PIN Community.
Final Assessment
Our Financial Team will determine state of the company and recommends appropriate avenue in order to gain access to capital (i.e., equity or debt financing, etc.) or other services.
Relationship Manager will work with financial institution, broker dealer or investment advisory/private equity during financial review.
LOI Signed
Meetings are conducted, and letter of intent signed.


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