Playbook Investors Network And Relleyvent Solutions Form A New Strategic Partnership

Playbook Investors Network (PIN) announced its new strategic partnership with Relleyvent Solutions, a credit solutions provider company who offers credit consultation and audit, credit restoration, credit counseling, and credit education. Founder, Shirelle Reed started the company after working in the customer service industry for over two decades.

“We are pleased and excited to partner with Relleyvent Solutions. Often, we come across business owners seeking capital, but they face credit challenges that keep them from securing what they really need. Shirelle’s company is positioned to help them, and we’re happy to extend this service to our clients,” says PIN CEO, Rodney Woods.

“Knowledge is POWER, and Relleyvent Solutions takes pride in educating and informing consumers on how not to succumb to the pitfalls of an inaccurate, or poor credit rating. Every client has a unique set of circumstances which has led them to their current financial struggles. Relleyvent Solutions has developed a unique and extremely effective strategy where we customize a plan of action that will put you on the right path to achieving financial success. Our relationship and partnership with PIN will only help more people and companies expand their reach and obtain even greater success,” says Relleyvent Solutions Founder, Shirelle Reed.

Playbook Investors Network (PIN), headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a web-based due-diligence business capital and education platform created to foster the engagement of minority-, women- and veteran-owned enterprises, government businesses and the LGBTQ community with institutional and private investors. PIN identifies, evaluates, educates, and introduces eligible business owners to both institutional and private investors actively seeking opportunities to support underserved markets; all while helping businesses extend capacity for job creation. For more information, visit

Rodney Woods is PIN’s Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. He retired from the Dallas Police Department after serving 20 years. In separate ventures, he has grown a business portfolio that includes clients such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Adidas, Converse, General Motors, and various small businesses. In addition to PIN, Woods is also the CEO of Diversity in Promotions; a business development procurement portal and Founder and Partner to Verité Investors Network where there is a $100 Million-Dollar Social Impact Fund, and he is also Founder and Partner to the Big Opps Fund where $150 Million-Dollars is allocated for the Opportunity Zone Fund, and recently the managing partner of Jr. PIN.

At Relleyvent Solutions, customers can expect free credit consultations, results typically in 30 to 45 days, no hidden fees, unlimited disputes, debt management plans, and unlimited support. A complete credit analysis will be performed to help pinpoint and dispute inaccurate and unverifiable entries on each customer’s credit report.

Shirelle Reed is a Texas Realtor® who started Relleyvent Solutions with one goal in mind, and that was to incorporate her passion for helping countless people to repair their credit and find their dream home. A solid credit rating is essential to qualify for the purchase of a home, automobile, unsecured loan or to obtain business funding. Shirelle is committed to helping as many people as she can to overcome the obstacles of being denied or having to pay outrageous interest and other fees to obtain credit assistance due to low credit scores. Shirelle has acquired much success due to a thorough understanding of credit laws, how they function and the ways in which they are interpreted by creditors, collection agencies and credit bureaus. Shirelle is a proud advocate for consumer rights, specifically concerning credit building and restoration. Relleyvent Solutions has a system in place to create accountability to lenders, and credit reporting agencies to ensure strict adherence to all Federal and State Laws and Statutes, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Relleyvent Solutions is strongly dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations by delivering the most professional and informative service in the Credit Restoration industry. For more information, visit

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